Involuntary Lien: 

A lien created by operation of law.  (Examples: Abstract of Judgment, Child Support Lien, Federal Tax Lien, State Judgment, State Tax Lien)

Voluntary Lien: 

A voluntary lien is a type of lien that exists because of an action taken by a debtor. (Examples: Deed of Trust, Purchase Money Deed of Trust, Home Equity Security Instrument, Mechanic’s Lien Contract, etc.)


The process of taking legal action.

Owner and Encumbrance Report: 

A report setting out apparent current owner(s) and liens encumbering subject property.

Title Certificate (a/k/a Title Report): 

A report setting out apparent current owner(s), liens, restrictions, easements, agreements, and leases.

50 Year Deed Chain Report: 

A report setting out all recorded conveyances that have occurred within the past 50 years.

Tower Site Package: 

Includes 50 Year Deed Chain Report and Title Certificate.

100 Year Mineral Search Report: 

A report setting out all recorded conveyances occurring within the past 100 years with emphasis on mineral reservations and conveyances. Includes Oil, Gas and Mineral deeds and leases.

UCC Financing Statement: 

In the case of a loan secured by personal property collateral, the filing of a financing statement gives notice of a lien against the property so that other lenders or buyers of the personal property will know of the security interest.